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With a music all its own, ranging from dance '70 / '80 at the House, but with variations that often leave amazed the audience, Steve Martin has established itself in Italy and abroad, playing in the most important clubs in the world. Since the days of the Temple has never fallen from podium..Certainly it is one of the key names of the dance scene in Italy. Our country is full of great talents in the field of production and remixing. But in console, with the audience ahead, he is a number one. He is able to accompany any dancefloor through all the hidden vibrations of music. He is idolized by legions of fans who follow him for 30 years, but is also loved by the younger generation who like his musical choices and his  energy .. He's a "master of ceremonies". It is therefore not only a DJ, is a character, in the noblest sense of the word. Listen to her music, attend his party, he brings a constant feeling of energy and joy that only he and a few other DJs in the world can give, the perception of what it means to enjoy a dance party.