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Tribute to the Bee Gees by brothers Walter, Davide and Pasquale Egiziano,
officially began in July 2000, with participation in a major Italian tv program.
Since that time the 3 brothers and their band, have performed live concerts and
Tv Shows in Italy, England, France, Holland, Germany, USA, Spain,
Austria and Switzerland, counting more than 600 Live performances.

In 2003, after participating in one of the most popular British television programs,
and have been seen also by Robin Gibb in person, the "Italian Bee Gees"
have numerous pages dedicated to them on the web sites regarding the Gibb brothers.
On July 24th 2009 Walter, Davide and Pasquale had the honor and pleasure of being guests, at the historic Palace Hotel in Manchester, to the Grand Gala held during the
50th anniversary of The Bee Gees Career.

The Egiziano brothers, the one and only tribute present at the celebrations,
were personally welcomed by brothers Barry and Robin Gibb
(Maurice Gibb sadly missed, died in January 2003) and interviewed by the BBC in Manchester.
“The emotions we have had with Barry, Robin, Mrs Barbara (their mother),
Yvonne and Adam (Maurice’s wife and son) are a corner of heaven
we have had the good luck to visit, taken by the hand from our guardian angels”. 
The Bee Gees Story, it’s not just music and lyrics, we are talking about a Legend,
their Catalogue it’s an heritage that 3 genius, musicians, brothers
and great men gave to the world, and the absolute priority of The Italian Bee Gees,
is to respect and feel the responsibility of this, proud to be a part of the Bee Gees Universe.

The Show includes over 2 hours of Music, ranging through the incredible repertoire of
the Gibb brothers, a search of sounds that "crossing” time, start from the romantic ballads of the '60s, going through the funky-rock period of early ’70s, the "Saturday Night Fever" SoundTrack,
pop-rock era of the '80s and '90s, to the latest works...Everything, always, Live!
Since 2014, Blue Weaver (original Keyboard player of the Bee Gees from 1974 to 1980)
joined the IBG band, and after him, now also Dennis Bryon (original drummer)
and Vince Melouney (Bee Gees guitarist) are on Tour with the Italian brothers.