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It was the great passion for Zucchero Fornaciari’s music that lead to the creation of the OI&B (Oro, Incenso & Birra) project in 2003. The Tribute Band, based in Padua, captained by Christian Garbinato who has an extraordinary resemblance with Zucchero, both physically and vocally, pays homage in a convincing manner to the Blues of the Artist from Emilia Romagna, while succeeding in transmitting a strong personal artistic image. The band has created an important niche in the Italian and European markets, reproducing the most significant songs which outline Zucchero’s  great career, and thanks to a personal decision to present a mainly “live” show, some musical parts have been rearranged to render an unequalled expression. From the blues ballads like “Diamante”, “Il Volo” and “Dune Mosse” to the insistent rhythms of “Diavolo In Me”, “Baila” and “Per colpa di chi?”, "Vedo nero", a highly entertaining and dynamic show is presented. Great care has also been taken regarding the scenography  and the fidelity to the original sound productions to satisfy the most attentive public and the most demanding fans. Recently, the band performed together with Zucchero on the occasion of the International Zucchero Fan Club Meeting, acting as the official band of the event, where apart from the “Maestro” himself, there were guest performances from Irene Fornaciari, Dodi Battaglia, Fio Zanotti and Maurizio Vandelli. In parallel with the concerts, OI&B are engaged in the production of their own music, which  will result in the issue of a single in the near future. This sees the historic Zucherro backing vocalist, Lisa Hunt, as vocalist, who, since six years ago, is also featured as a  guest during the OI&B summer tours.