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The band Regina, The Real Queen Experience was founded in 1999.
It's formed by Italian musicians, passionate fans of the english band Queen.
The band did a lot of shows in the most important clubs in Italy,
with huge success and acclaim from the audience.
This convinced them to start a much more defined and accurate project.
They got placed among the 6 best Italian talents in the tv show "Italy's got talent",
broadcast on one of the most important national channels, Canale 5.

After the tv experience, the band reached highest levels of popularity.
Their show is considered as one of the best ever, both for its fidelity
to the original sounds of Queen and for the technique.

They play a rich and complete series of songs, ranging from the first period of Queen,
to their most famous show at the Wembley Stadium in 1986
till the last songs of the band which were never played live
from the legendary band itself.

Last, but not least, the typical clothes for the show and a majestic sound,
to give the audience an exciting and unforgettable experience.