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The music that I listen to and play, - says Tony Cortes, - is part of the culture of Gypsies in Western Europe. It's part of our life. It accompanies us wherever we are, whatever we do. Weddings, funerals, travels and parties - everything is accompanied by the music that we have in our blood. It passes from father to son, from generation to generation.


Tony Cortes was born on March 14, 1986 in the south of France, in the city of Montpellier, in a family of artists. His father, Tony Cortes Sr., is a famous singer and guitarist from Barcelona. The mother is a flamenco dancer from Montpellier. Tony's cousin - Nino Valiardo - is a member of the Gipsy Kings group and the author of the internationally successful single "Djobi Djoba". From the age of seven, Tony started performing in his father's band. Later he played in the group "Gipsy Kings" with his cousin Nino Valiardo, he collaborated with the legendary flamenco guitarist Manitas de Plata.


In 2018 together with "Gipsy Kings Family" Tony Cortes was invited to the Vatican to perform at a charity concert in honor of Pope Francis' birthday.

Since that Tony on the maternal line, has ties with the famous Reyes dynasty, no one was surprised by his close collaboration with the legendary "Gipsy Kings". After breaking up of the "Gipsy Kings" Tony continued to record and perform with one of the founders of the group, Pablo Reyes. 


Tony Cortes has worked extensively with a famous French television company, Europa Corp, created by Luc Besson, recording music for films. Being a regular participant of many international music festivals. Tony Cortes as visited Russia once, at the flamenco festival "The world of guitar"


His current project is a mixture of "Gipsy Wave" style and traditional gypsy music in a modern way. Tony Cortes constantly experiences different rhythms and styles: reggae, jazz, Indian music.

Mixing the authentic sound of a gypsy guitar with that electric guitar, Tony is looking for new styles and trends in music. Tony Cortes says: "The synthesis between different musical cultures of different peoples is simply necessary to understand each other better between people".