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Since 10 years WOODNITE (formerly 4B Acoustic Trio) has been an exciting acoustic act in Italy and Europe with hundreds 
of concerts as headliners or opening acts for big Italian artists.

Starting as a cover band, in the years the group have collected a wide repertoire that goes from the rock ‘n roll era 
to the most modern and catchy pop songs of our times, great blues songs, country-rock classics as well as hard rock and 
brit pop hits are just some elements of the band’s musical offer.

Since all the members of the group are also skilled songwriters they can entertain the audience with many great original
songs which they usually alternate with the various covers.

In 2017 they recorded their first album “Unplug the world” whose title says a lot about the intentions of the band.

Through 10 years of live performances, they reached almost 400 gigs, many of them in foreign countries like Poland, 
Slovakia, Germany and Armenia.

With WOODNITE (formerly 4B Acoustic Trio) what you get is the elegance of an unplugged with the energy of a rock band.